Université de Bordeaux

Days 1 & 2

from Wednesday 17 June 2020 to Thursday 18 June 2020

› Introduction to the ISMRM raw data format

› Converting k-space data from different MRI vendors to the ISMRM raw data format

› “Gadgetron” installation on Ubuntu and Windows stations

› “Gadgetron” installation on MRI scanners (Siemens and GE)

› Introduction to the Gadgetron framework

› Discovery of cartesian, radial, spiral and multiband reconstructions

› Python or Matlab interaction inside the Gadgetron

› In-line reconstruction using BART or Sigpy inside the Gadgetron

› Practical coding sessions

› C++ and OpenMP programming in the Gadgetron

› How to debug and optimize the Gadgetron?

› Distributed reconstruction on a local cluster

› In-line reconstruction on a remote cloud

› 1.5T clinical MRI scanner session

› Machine learning inside the Gadgetron

See also
 19/06/20Day 3

› Scientific sessions › Interactive debugging session based on participants’ k-space data › Closing remarks